Beatle Mal's Legendary Band

Paradise in The Vault

Theatre Reviewed by Lauren Paxman

"All my life I've wanted to be an entertainer, well now I've got my chance," so begins the story of Mal Evans, devoted roadie and best friend of the Beatles.

Mega fans of the band will know Mal already. He appeared in their films, played the tambourine on their albums and was credited with helping Ringo Starr come up with the lyrics for You And Me Babe. But his most important role was providing moral support – oh, and housekeeping.

Nik Wood-Jones wrote and stars as Mal in this entertaining one-hander which covers the band from their earliest days to their break-up and beyond. Mal was there when the band met Elvis, and when Bob Dylan introduced them to marijuana. "Within a month, Bob had created a monster," he says with a sigh.

Snippets of Beatles tunes are played throughout the performance and there are also some witty original songs penned by Wood-Jones and Kirk Sylvester Campion.

If the real Mal's voice was anything like Wood-Jones' it's not hard to see why he left the singing to the Beatles. But the actor makes such a convincing loyal and lovable rogue, it's also not hard to see why the Fab Four wanted him by their side at all times.

Published online
Review by
Lauren Paxman
Produced by
BeatleMAL Productions
Nik-Wood Jones
Running time
1 hour
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