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Underbelly, Cowgate

Theatre Reviewed by Thom Dibdin

Engineer Theatre's Missing presents a modern conundrum for society, concerning the overbearing nature of "It's for your own good" surveillance and rights of individuals to be - or become - unknown.

The company cut and edit a selection of self-collected verbatim interviews - with relatives of people who have gone missing, a police officer charged with looking over cold cases and a homeless man - into the real and chilling account of a child who went missing in the 1950s. The account is from a book by the son of the pedophile who it is said took her and killed her within hours of her disappearance. Her family still laid a place at the table for her for decades after.

The company get tightly into their real characters. George Evans is particularly believable as a detective, going over harrowing ground, becoming lost in the hope of a case but all the while knowing the statistical probability that its subject is long dead.

And Evens indicates the real success of the piece. It manages to convey the complexity of the situation, the difference between those who go missing of their own volition, and those who are abducted. By putting the two side by side, it begins to argue the importance of understanding how they are distinct.

Published online
Review by
Thom Dibdin
Produced by
Sarah Beaton
Sound Design
Dom Kennedy
Running time
1 hour
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