La Gateau Chocolat - I Heart Chocolat

Underbelly, Bristo Square

Cabaret Reviewed by Thom Dibdin

Big, bearded and blasting out a sweet baritone, Nigerian-born drag artiste La Gateau Chocolat is a vision in tight lycra and a succession of inappropriately flouncey dresses. He sets out his stall for his latest show with a big bouncy version of Chocolate Salty Balls, sucking out even more innuendo than Isaac Hayes on South Park.

Chocolate provides the theme for the evening as he hustles round the audience proffering a big variety box of chocs and theming the next song around the taste of the chosen choc. Whether it affects the choice of numbers from the Great American Song Book - beyond a slight altering of the words - is irrelevant. It allows him to come out into the room with a line of banter which never gets too catty for his predominantly straight audience.

Despite great stage presence and a full bag of tricks when it comes to costumes and presentation, it is that lovely warm voice which is his greatest asset. An hour is not enough, as he first strips right down to bald head and naked lycra for a crepuscular rendition of The Ship Song, and then dons an improbable Dalmatian print onesy for a brilliantly bitchy deconstruction of the recent film of Les Miserables.

Published online
Review by
Thom Dibdin
Produced by
Strut and Fret Production House
Running time
1 hour
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