Sammy J: 1999

Underbelly, Cowgate

Comedy Reviewed by Tim Clark

Sammy J is one of those performers who is so prolific he can put the rest of the comedy world to shame.

Not only is he the star of one critically acclaimed show, Sammy J and the Forest of Dreams, he has also managed to find enough time this year to debut his new solo play, Sammy J: 1999.

A whirlwind tale of teenage angst during the final decade of the last century, 1999 is a very well-crafted show that is easy enough to follow without the storyline falling foul of the staid teenage stereotypes.

New ideas are introduced seamlessly and from the start the audience is immersed in the decade it knew so well – with floppy disks, mix tapes and dial-up internet, the world of the teenager in 1999 is both familiar and strange.

1999 has some excellent scenes and glimpses of genuine brilliance. If there is a criticism, it is that at times the plot takes such as strange path – involving at one point Sammy J incarcerating his school nemesis – that it seems he has left himself a lot of work to do to bring it back into the fold of a contemporary teenage tale rather than psychotic thriller.

Overall though, what 1999 underlines most is that Sammy J is emerging as one of comedy’s genuinely unique talents.

Published online
Review by
Tim Clark
Produced by
Sammy J
Running time
1 hour
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