Belt Up's 'Antigone'

C Soco

Theatre Reviewed by Lauren Paxman

Don’t be alarmed when someone reaches out to shake your hand as you enter Belt Up’s The House Above at C Soco, and certainly don’t smile at them. This is Antigone’s intimate funeral after all, albeit an intimate funeral that dozens of perfect strangers have been invited to.

Antigone has defied King Creon by burying her disgraced brother - an act that is punishable by death. Inconveniently for Creon he is Antigone’s future father-in-law and also her uncle (incest runs in the family, her dad was Oedipus) so his son Heamon tries desperately to make his dad forgive his fiancé.

2008 EIF award winners Belt Up’s heart-wrenching version of Sophocles’ masterpiece focuses on the tale’s complex family ties. Brothers fight violently, sisters have devastating disagreements and a son forces his father to choose between his family or his job.

Antigone drags a little and some lines were hard to hear, but it flawlessly captures the mix of loss and camaraderie that is so unique to funerals.

The playful set, moving music, dramatic physicality and understated acting turn the tragedy into a show to be celebrated, and one that fully justifies the company’s esteemed reputation.

Published online
Review by
Lauren Paxman
Published in The Stage Newspaper on
Produced by
Belt Up Theatre
Alexander Wright after Sophocles
James Wilkes
Running time
1 hour 15 minutes
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